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Zelta Mobile

Zelta is a Bangladeshi mobile brand. The brand was founded in 2015, by the owner of Sky Telecommunications LTD which is also a subsidiary of Partex Star Group, Karnaphuli Group, and Metro Group. Sky Telecommunications introduced Zelta Mobile phones in September 2015 with more than 80 dealers around the country. The first time they launched two phones, which are Millennium A100 and Millennium Q40, along with five bar phones. Zelta mobiles are provided dual SIM handsets with a year warranty so Zelta gained much attention from the consumers. They share the minds & thoughts of numerous People through advanced innovative products and at a cost-effective rate under the tagline Sharing Minds.

Current Status of Zelta Mobile in Bangladesh

Since Zelta is a new company, it’s performing pretty well till now. All their smartphones are less than 10,000. So far Zelta could not make its name as a top brand. There are some facts behind their low status like Zelta didn’t execute any publicity campaign, so most of the people don’t know about the brand. Another fact is that Zelta released just a few models where the other Bangladeshi brands like Walton, Symphony have a lot of models. Since Zelta offers a few choices, they lose the attraction. There are also many Giant Chinese companies that offer pretty good products, so it is tough to take a position in this competitive industry. On MobilePrice Bangladesh, we have all the models which are available now.

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