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Windows Mobile Price In Bangladesh

Microsoft presently closed its mobile manufacturing business after having a significant loss as they could not take care of Android as well as iOS. Windows phones simply may not thrill the large mass. The listed below text is for historical function just.

Factor Behind the Lost of Microsoft Mobile

The business Microsoft has in fact acknowledged for their Windows os for computer systems and its creator Expenditure Gates is still among one of the most affluent people worldwide. At the beginning of 2011, Microsoft began a collaboration with Nokia to create Windows Phones with each other. Both services wished that it would help them to get a trusted position is the smart device solution. Nokia was one of the most preferred phone brand during that time. However at the end of 2013, they reduced to 10th placement as the Android OS took control of the big market. So, Microsoft got the overall smart phone firm from Nokia in September 2013 and also prepared some major adjustments in their smart device solution to go substantial. They solely focused on developing impressive high quality on Windows Phones. At the end of 2014, they rebranded their phones from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia phone.

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