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Windows Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Windows Phone

Windows phones are manufactured by Microsoft. These phones contain a new user interface developed from Metro design language. In October 2010, the first windows phone was launched named Windows Phone 7. Then in 2011, Microsoft did a partnership with Nokia to produce smartphones with windows operating system by the name of Nokia. After this partnership, they both released the Lumia series. In 2011, they launched the first Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, which were the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Next few years, Microsoft upgraded its OS and launched some smartphones. But these windows phones could not compete with Android and Apple phones. So in 2014, Nokia dismissed partnership as they had a loss in share market and.

Microsoft alone launched Windows phones. In 2016, they launched Microsoft Lumia 650 based on windows 10. But Microsoft could not take over its competitors. So in 2017, the executive of Microsoft announced that they stopped the production of windows phones for the lack of app development and losses on the share market. In early times, the demand for windows is insufficient in Bangladesh. Because Windows Phone is complicated to use. Android phones alone occupy the smartphone market in the country. However, the windows phone market is also closed in Bangladesh.

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