Wiko Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2019

Wiko Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Wiko Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Wiko Y80Available10,560 BDT
Wiko Y60Available7,680 BDT
Wiko Pulp Fab 4G2015, November18,500 BDT
Wiko Pulp2015, November17,000 BDT
Wiko Ufeel GoSeptember, 2016 12,400 BDT
Wiko UfeelMay, 2016 18,900 BDT
Wiko Harry2017, June15,300 BDT
Wiko Fever 4G2015, September9,990 BDT
Wiko Tommy22017, June11,490 BDT
Wiko View2 Go2018, September17,280 BDT
Wiko View Max2018, March19,800 BDT
Wiko Tommy2 Plus2017, September13,490 BDT
Wiko View XL2017, October23,900 BDT
Wiko View22018, February11,490 BDT
Wiko View 2 Pro2018, February22,500 BDT
Wiko View Prime2017, September27,900 BDT
Wiko WIM Lite2017, February25,200 BDT
Wiko Upulse201715,300 BDT
Wiko Upulse Lite201713,500 BDT

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Wiko Mobile

Wiko is a French subsidiary configuration by its Chinese moms and dad company Tinno Mobile to market their China-manufactured mobile phones.

Wiko delivered 2.6 million tools general in 2013, mainly dual-Sim Android smartphones. In 2013, the firm offered 1.7 million mobile phones in France and also it was the nation’s second largest marketing mobile phone company after Samsung.

Wiko Mobile in Bangladesh

In our website mobileprice-bangladesh.com, we have a vast collection of Wiko mobile, and we can see that thinking about it’s customers, Wiko product Both High Budget and Low Budget smartphones, Like Wiko View 2 GO and Wiko View Prime are heavy budget phone, and these phone costs more than 25,000 BDT, where the Other Phones are around 15,000 BDT. It a brilliant idea of Wiko for Customer satisfaction.

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