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Walton Primo NF 4April, 20196,499 BDT
Walton Primo H8Available7,999 BDT
Walton Primo EM2March, 2019 5,280 BDT
Walton Primo NH2 LiteAvailable5,990 BDT
Walton Primo HM3Available8,490 BDT
Walton Primo GH6+Available6,790 BDT
Walton Primo S6 DualAvailable14,999 BDT
Walton Primo H7sAvailable8,999 BDT
Walton Primo G8i 4GAvailable. Released April, 20196,799 BDT

Walton Mobile

Walton is a Bangladeshi brand. Walton was established in 1977 as a trending brand based on Kaliakair, Gazipur. Walton produces electric devices, motor vehicles, and telecommunications products. Walton has many subsidiaries and affiliated businesses. Walton mobile is one of the subsidiaries. Walton is one of the popular brands in Bangladesh. Walton established smartphones and tablets manufacturing plant named “Walton Digi-Tech Industries” for the first time in Bangladesh in 2017. Then Walton entered the mobile industry inaugurating “Made in Bangladesh” labeled smartphones. Within a short period, Walton took the position of the leading brand in the country. Through its strong manufacturing base, excellent products, affordable price, substantial market range, and after-sales services provide them the compatibility to be a successful brand.

First, Walton used to manufacture feature phones. After they entered the smartphone market by introducing the Walton primo series in 2012. The brand produces Android smartphones. Primo X is a prominent flagship phone. In 2015, they came to be the 3rd top-selling apt gadget brand name in Bangladesh. Nowadays, Walton Sells its smartphones in 20 countries and has agendas to expand the business worldwide. Walton’s main goal is to provide innovative and quality smartphones at a lower price. But it is now tough to hold their position as many other Chinese brands like Vivo, Oppo, and so on are launching high-end phones at lower prices.

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Here on our site, we collect many models of Walton smartphones and try to update our data source with brand-new smartphones as well as their costs as quickly as they are released. This year, Walton launched The Walton Primo S7 Pro with the triple rear camera. The phone has an attractive design and processor of Helio P70 (12 nm) with an internal memory of 128 GB and 6 GB RAM.