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VeryKool Mobile

VeryKool (Company) is a series of mobile phones, tablets, and accessories which was launched in 2006 powered by InfoSonics Corporation and the headquarters in Miami, FL. InfoSonics is actually a NASDAQ company, and the trading symbol is INFO. In 1994, the brand used to be a telecommunication product distributor of Samsung, VK Corporation, LG, Novatel, and other big and small corporations. In 2012 InfoSonics canceled its distribution business and started a manufacturing business to create its own product line. InfoSonics 2007 InfoSonics introduced Verykool products in Central America. In 20 countries the Verykool line sells its products. Usually, Verykool provides inexpensive phones with dual SIM card systems. Verykool is known as a rugged line of phones in the United States. The i500 and the i230 are the first two phones that added to the Verykool products line. They expanded their portfolio by launching the s350 and RS75. The RS75 gained much popularity as it was a waterproof, dustproof, and tempered display.

VeryKool Mobile in Bangladesh

Overall, the Verykool brand is not a well-known brand in Bangladesh. In this competitive industry, Verykool couldn’t place its name. Also, Verykool didn’t officially introduce their mobile. They have a few models in Bangladesh, and for a long time, we can not see any activity of this brand. Also, there is no showroom. You can find Verykool in the local online shop or unofficial process. According to our economic status, Verykool provides low budget smartphones. They sell for less than 10,000 with excellent features. Verykool smartphones have an attractive design, quality display, and fast performance. On our site, we have some collections of Verykool mobile. Actually, we show those models which are accessible in Bangladesh. The last phone launched by VeryKool was Verykool s5527 Alpha Pro. For mid-budget range consumers, Verykool smartphones can be a cool choice.

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