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Sony Bangladesh - Sony Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Sony has in fact been referred to as one of one of the most innovative mobile phone suppliers worldwide. The Sony Xperia Series developed into among the most appreciated mobile phone series from the birth of smart devices. After Sony finished their collaboration with the ‘Ericsson’ service, they have actually chosen to develop more individualistic, contemporary and also stylish Android cellphones with remarkable functions.

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In MobilePrice Bangladesh, we have huge collection of Sony Mobile with price and product details. But honestly speaking, Sony is not doing very well in recent few years. Sony was famous for it’s camera, and it’s still good with that. But now that lacking point of this phone is it’s screen ratio. It’s still has a huge body with small screen like old smartphone. I think, if that can do something like the other brands does, Like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. They just has bigger display with the same size mobile phone, then they can get there lost popularity back.

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