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Smart Watch in Bangladesh

Smartwatch is one kind of digital watch which provide other feature beside timekeeping. Digital watch was invented by Hamilton watch company in 1972. After a few years, many companies invest in digital watches to make user-friendly. Around 1998 the first Smartwatch arrived. It has a touch screen display. Because of touch screen touching, tapping, swapping is allowed to do on the screen. Smartwatch can be used for calls and send and receive text messages. Smartwatch also supports apps, Similar to smartphones and tablets. This app has lots of functions like displaying weather information, displaying maps and directions, etc.

In Smartwatch there is a GPS receiver that can do accurately track and record the outdoor run. There are lots of companies for the smartwatch in Bangladesh. They are Apple, Samsung, Xaomi, Huawei, Sony, Motorolla, Casio and so on. Smartwatch price in the Bangladesh market starts from the lowest price to the highest price. Smartwatch price in Bangladesh starts from around 700 taka to above 95000 taka. There are lots of Smartwatch store locations in Bangladesh. They are in the Bashundhara market, Jamuna future park, Motalabplaz, Eastern plaza, Multiplan market, etc. Nowadays Smartwatch becoming a popular thing to gadget users. Because of the large market, many companies are making Smartwatch. But Smartwatch also has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is quick access to the notification, health tracking, never miss a call, Gps for location, watch movies and music. Disadvantages are short battery life, Inaccurate data, Gets outdated very easily, poor sensor, expensive. Overall Smartwatch is a great invention of modern life.

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