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Smartwatch is like a mobile device that is constructed to be worn on the wrist. The smartwatches have a touchscreen display, many apps, and excellent features. You can make calls, send messages, listen to music, monitor your health, and so on. It also has a rechargeable battery. Actually, the smartwatch is called a mini-computer. The threshold of the smartwatch began with Pulsar, the first digital watch manufactured by Hamilton Watch Company in 1972. After that, many companies constantly develop the digital watch, and as a result, we got this smartwatch. In 1998 Steve Mann released Linux Wristwatch, which had a touch screen display. In 1999, Samsung released the SPH-WP10, which was the world’s first watch phone. By the years, these watches didn’t get fame as those had much required. But in September 2014, Apple launched its first smartwatch named Apple watch. Apple watch was the first smartwatch that had wearable technology that was satisfied with substantial criticism during the pre-launch time. After that, many brands continuously come with smartwatches with innovative technology.

Smartwatch In Bangladesh

Now, smartwatches are becoming popular in Bangladesh for its impressive functions. There are many popular brands which are providing quality smartwatches. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei are some respectable names in the market. Most of the price smartwatches are in high to mid-budget segments with premium performance. There are also low budget smartwatches suppliers like Huawei, Xiaomi. Smartwatch store location in Bangladesh is available. In the brand showrooms, you can get their smartwatches. On our website, we gather the newly released smartwatches of popular brands. Before buying, check out the prices and features from our site.