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The History of Smartphones

Smartphones are like a blessing to us. Because smartphones have brought breakthrough changes in our lifestyle. The first smartphone was introduced by BlackBerry in the mid-2000s and became famous at that time. Early smartphones are found with physical keyboards. In 2007, LG and Apple brought an enormous change. LG launched the Prada, and Apple introduced the iPhone with a touchscreen display for the first time. One year later, HTC launched its Dream smartphone, the first Android phone. Another innovative smartphone was Xperia Z5, released by Sony, which had a 4k resolution display. Then one after one regulation, we got the high-performance smartphones now.

Smartphones in Bangladesh

Before 2000, Nokia had brought the first generation smartphones in Bangladesh. BlackBerry was also a well-known brand for first-generation smartphones in those years. But those smartphones had only a few features like email, calling, and messaging. Accessing the internet was slow. In 2012, after the coming 3G network, the first generation smartphones were finally improved and brought smartphones with multitasking features. Then the demand for smartphones increased rapidly. Now every person has a smartphone that makes their life easy and enjoyable. With these smartphones, one can make calls, browse the web, take pictures and videos, access social media, and so on. Actually, it works beyond your expectations.

Popular Smartphone Brands

There are a lot of eligible brands in the smartphone market. At present, Symphony mobile, which is a Bangladeshi brand, has taken the lead in the.smartphone market as the demand for low-cost smartphones is high. Another Bangladeshi brand Walton is also a well-known brand. Beside them, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, HTC, Huawei, Oppo, Lava, Vivo, and other Chinese brands are popular brands in Bangladesh.