It’s been practically 3 months now … and I’m still quite satisfied with the Galaxy S9 Review.

It’s reasonable to state that we’ve become a little numb to smart devices. Unless a new gadget has a truly revolutionary and uncommon function, it’s seen as dull or dull; whatever from megapixel video cameras to 18:9 screens has actually come and gone over the past years, and it only seems to take 12 months for the allure of a new component to become stale and regular. Lots of have actually recommended that since the Galaxy S9 looks so similar to its forerunner and doesn’t use any massive technological improvements, it’s unworthy getting excited about– but for me, improvement is typically more effective to unnecessarily chasing after the “next big thing”. That’s not to say that Samsung hasn’t tried with the S9; the video camera’s variable aperture system is truly smart, even if I’m not totally persuaded it will end up being as commonplace as the fingerprint scanner or waterproofing bodywork. Nevertheless, looking beyond this aspect, the phone doesn’t really do a lot to distance itself from its immediate leader; the design is practically identical, save for the placement of the fingerprint scanner; placed side-by-side, it’s really difficult to inform the S9 apart from in 2015’s S8. For any self-respecting mobile purchaser, that’s a serious error– how will all your mates know you’ve updated if it appears like a dead ringer (no pun intended) for last year’s phone? Despite these first-world issues, I’ve fallen a bit in love with the S9. Sure, it’s not a revolution, however not every major phone launch needs to be; in fact, as we’ve seen in the last few years, going after such a perfect can cause unpredicted issues.

Much Better Than The iPhone X? Yeah, In Some Respects …

The iPhone X, as beautiful as it certainly is, still feels like a half-finished item to me; although the opposite has actually been said by Apple’s staff members, I’m nearly particular that the company wanted it to ship with an on-screen fingerprint scanner to back up the sometimes unstable Face ID system, however, the tech just wasn’t ready. And exactly what about the debacle with the Galaxy Note 7, where Samsung attempted to press the borders of smartphone battery stamina and wound up with flaming phones on its hands? You have to feel a little sorry for the guys and gals within the walls of Apple and Samsung who have the eventually thankless task of thinking up the headline-stealing features for a new phone every 12 months. It’s clear now that these companies are running out of concepts and that’s when mistakes occur; technological dead-ends which are heralded as the next huge thing before being quietly dropped in less than a year when the genuine next big thing occurs. Samsung might have had a cheeky stab at marketing the S9’s camera as a game-changer, however, the rest of the phone is all about making last year’s design even better, and it is here that it has succeeded. The eye-catching style is improved by a little smaller bezels and a more sensibly-located fingerprint scanner, however, it remains primarily the same– which is no bad thing, as the S8 was created by a business at the top of its aesthetic game.

Galaxy S9 Display Is Still The Best Around. Period

The screen stays industry-leading and is even brighter this time around. The processor is naturally quicker, as well as the much-maligned AI assistant Bixby has a few more tricks up its sleeve (although you regretfully still can’t designate another function to that Bixby hardware button). Often, looking for the next development can lead companies to overlook the fact that they have to make phones which are easy to use, effective, stable and– most importantly of all– actually make our everyday lives that little bit much easier to swallow. After investing nearly a month in the company of the S9 I believe it’s a handset that does all of that and more, without presenting new features which are half-baked at best and borderline broken at worst. S. sure, the S10 will no doubt see regular service resumed– we’re currently hearing talk of an on-screen fingerprint scanner and Face ID-style scanning tech– but for the time being, I’m delighted that Samsung has polished its flagship gadget, instead of entirely overhaul it in the name of progress.