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Plum Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Plum Phantom 22019, January6,700 BDT
Plum Compass 22018, March6,700 BDT
Plum Axe 42017, December4,950 BDT
Plum Compass LTE2017, November6,000 BDT

Plum Mobile in Bangladesh

The highly expert team of Plum Mobile is included a group of passionate people with combined experience of greater than 40 years in the interaction market. It’s a company which is focusing more on features phone than smartphone.

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In our website, we don’t have too many collection for this phone. But one few that we have included in our website. Most of the are just feature phone, and which cost less than 3,000 BDT. And their smart phone also cost less than 7,000 BDT. But one thing that we have to agree about Plum, is the mobile structure. It’s harder than and other phone in the Market.

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