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OnePlus Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Oneplus Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

OnePlus 7 ProNot AvailableComing Soon
OnePlus 7TApril, 2019Coming Soon
OnePlus 7 5G2019, AprilComing Soon
OnePlus 72019, April71,990 BDT
OnePlus 6T McLaren2018, December65,990 BDT
OnePlus 5Released 2017, June42,999 BDT
OnePlus 5T2017, November34,990 BDT
OnePlus 62018, May44,990 BDT
OnePlus 6TNovember 21, 201868,990 BDT

OnePlus Bangladesh - OnePlus Mobile Price in Bangladesh

OnePlus is a Chinese mobile phone producer established in 2013. The developers of OnePlus Pete Lau as well as Carl Pei both operated in an additional leading smart phone production company Oppo before starting their own business. Pete Lau who is the existing Chief Executive Officer of OnePlus was the vice-president of Oppo. Carl Pei, the founder of OnePlus functioned as International Markets Supervisor of Oppo.

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Actually Oneplus has very limited numbers of phones. And in our website, we have all the collection of Oneplus mobile. The most amazing facts about Oneplus is, it doesn’t focus on maketing and local sell. Like the Oppo and Vivo focus a lot in advertising, but Oneplus doesn’t. One the other hands, Oneplus focus one quality, like processor or other hardwares, where Oppo and Vivo only focus one camera and display. But honestly speaking, Oneplus is better than Oppo and Vivo. Though the price range of Oneplus is bit higher compearing to these brands in Bangladesh.

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