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Okapia Mobile List at a Glance

Okapia MA+Available৳ 900.00 BDT
Okapia Infinity ProMarch 2015৳ 6,890 BDT
Okapia SparkFebruary 2015৳ 3,790 BDT
Okapia SENSATION2014, June ৳ 5,990 BDT
Okapia ELITE2014, June ৳ 12,490 BDT
Okapia INFINITY2015, June ৳ 7,490 BDT
Okapia INNOVA 2015, February ৳ 13,990 BDT
Okapia INSPIRE2015, April ৳ 9,990 BDT
Okapia Alo20 May 2016 ৳ 2,595 BDT

Okapia Mobile

Okapia mobile started its operation in 2013 in New Zealand. Okayama Limited launched the Okapia mobile branch in Bangladesh in 2014. They manufacture Android-based smartphones at a budget-friendly price in the Bangladesh market. It is noticeable that Okapia follows mid-low budget consumer strategy like Walton, Symphony, Maximus, and so on. Okapia offers quality and feature phones at a lower price than other similar devices. Okapia has opened 14 service centers in Bangladesh so that they can expand their business quickly. The main mission of the brand is to provide exceptional customer service, support, and quality devices with a good performance at an affordable price so that people in all sectors can stay connected with their families. They manufacture feature phones, smartphones, and tablets. Okapia smart, and feature phone price starts at minimum TK 790 and maximum Tk 20,000. The brand regularly updated their style and features to make the devices up to date.

The Okapia Status In the Mobile Market

Okapia didn’t launch any premium or innovate smartphones in Bangladesh. Also, their smartphone designs aren’t up to date. So they can not be the leading brand in Bangladesh. But it is visible that Okapia gets a practical response from the marketplace. However, Okapia offers advanced smartphones with probable performance. Actually, low priced entry level consumers usually buy their smartphones. On our site, we have a collection of the latest smartphones of Okapia. We provide information on phones, complete specifications, price, present status, and so on. We hope that this information will match your spending plan and requirements.