Notch Mobile in Bangladesh

With the introduction of technology, mobile companies are launching new smartphones in the market. Different companies try to make their smartphones more attractive by adding many features. Every year we see new featured smartphones with the new model. Some time ago, there was competition in the tech market with a bezel-less display. And now notch has become a new addition to the game in the mobile market.

What is notch smartphone?

In the Android language, the notch meant to cover parts of the mobile display within a sleek frame. There is a small cut-out of the display to enhance the smartphone’s front camera speakers and various sensors. These cut-out display based smartphones are notch smartphones.

Why is Smartphone Notch Used?

The notch is mostly the result of technology concepts. This notch enhances the beauty of your smartphone. Other than just adding beauty, notch smartphones have some advantages. For example, a phone screen gives extra space from where you can see the notification, time, or battery level. And the selfie camera, speaker, the flash, the sensor installed on the part of the notch.

Notch Mobile has many benefits, but some say notch is an unnecessary part of the smartphone.

Where is the origin of the notch?

It believed that Apple would bring the notch display-based phone at first. Apple introduces notch mobile in the tech market with users. Although it is conceivable, there is no denying that Apple introduced a large number of people to their iPhone X with a notch. But it is not true that notch smartphone has not come into the mobile market before Apple. The left side of the display was on the phone of LG V10 model, launched in October of 2015. And the notch part was two cameras. However, many more such phones came on the market. However, many more such phones went on the market. But these smartphones have not received much response in the tech market, so the notch issue was not taken into account.

Some with affordable notch smartphone with prices:



The Honor 8X smartphone has a 6.5-inch display with 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory. The price of this smartphone is TK 21,900.


Vivo Z3X smartphone has 4GB RAM, 64 GB storage, and 6.26″ display. The price of this smartphone is TK 17,280.


6GB RAM 128GB Storage with RealMe 3 Pro Smartphone is one of the best smartphones in the RealMe company. The price of this phone is TK 22,990.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro smartphone has a 6.3″ display, 6.8 GB RAM, and 128 GB internal memory. The price of this phone is TK 25,999.


Poco F1 smartphone has a 6.18″ display with a 500mAh battery. Poco F1 Smartphone price is TK 29,999.