Nokia Bangladesh – Nokia Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Nokia Bangladesh - Nokia Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Nokia used to be the most popular brand because the birth of cell phones in Bangladesh and there are specific causes behind it. It was able to win the hearts of millions of people with its extremely affordable rate, people’s friendly style, simple approach and impressive features. Not just in Bangladesh, if you take a look at the history, many leading selling phones worldwide are from this brand in the pre-smartphone period. Nokia 1110, 1200, N8, 2600, E71, 6610 are a few of the stunning devices of this classy brand. Nokia has been manufacturing a large range of phones with the really various type of specs and centers.

What Makes Them Special?

Exactly what is the most fascinating fact about Nokia? Calling one is hard. Longer Battery life, top quality sound, basic, sophisticated design, will be few best aspects. But at the start of smartphone-era, they got high-reputation for presenting remarkable and extremely effective electronic cameras into mobile phones. 41-megapixel monster video camera with Carl Zeiss Optics in Lumia 1020 has actually been a substantial hit in 2013. Nokia also offered cool interface of windows phone in the pasts when they utilized to produce phones with windows OS.

More About Nokia

It has actually introduced many different designs with many different, innovative functions to fulfill buyer’s requirement, and this may speak for Nokia one of the most. The Asha series was a success to casual smart device users. The Asha 501 would be one terrific example of this series. Also, the Lumia 1520 became an excellent discussion topic for crazy cellphone fans. In the age of Android, it is hard to obtain a substantial number of customers from the marketplace with the Windows phone operating system. So, at the start of 2014, they lastly introduced “The Nokia X Family” which are the first 3 Android gadgets from this brand.

Nokia Android Era

The fact is, Nokia lost its beauty once they have chosen to market windows phones. Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Lumia couldn’t get much attention in the global market. Android dominated Nokia and Lumia phones the whole time. Even the Nokia X household could not make much distinction. So, after finishing the agreement with Microsoft, in mid-2017, Nokia chose to move entirely to Android and introduced three android phones Nokia 3, 5 and 6 together with a feature phone Nokia 3310 (2017 variation). The feature phone was a remake of their old traditional Nokia 3310. With these phones, Nokia returned to the market with their individualistic nature. In 2018, they got back at much better by presenting 4 new Android phones and a 4G feature phone in Mobile World Congress. Amongst them was the low budget plan smart Nokia 1. It could really give their identity back which they were searching for the last couple of years. Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8110 (4G) has actually also been some great announcements. With these gadgets, Nokia lastly looked complete, again.

Key Note:
At the end of 2014, the brand Nokia formally ended up being Microsoft Mobile (as Microsoft corporation already bought the company Nokia) and started to produce smartphones under the name “Microsoft Lumia”. Nevertheless, as part of the offer, Microsoft might keep the patent of Nokia until the end of 2015. After this period, Nokia could begin producing mobile phones under its brand again. Nokia formally revealed their brand-new phones in February 2017.