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Microsoft Mobile

Microsoft mobile is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. This brand involves in the manufacturing and development of mobile phones. Microsoft mobile brand was introduced in 2014 based in Espoo, Finland. Actually, in 2011, Microsoft did a major partnership with Nokia. Microsoft designs and manufactures windows based smartphones and feature phones licensed under Nokia. In 2014, dismissing the license of Nokia, it rebranded as Microsoft Mobile. Then the brand introduced the first Microsoft branded Lumia device “Microsoft Lumia 535”. To complete the developing market Microsoft produced many kinds of low and mid-range devices. In April 2015, the brand launched Lumia 430 Dual SIM to boost windows phone sales and improve its market share. In February 2016, targeting the mid range consumers, the brand launched Microsoft Lumia 650 which runs on windows 10 mobile.

In MobilePrice Bangladesh

In October 2017, Microsoft stopped manufacturing mobile phones as its low market share. So, the market for Microsoft mobile is also closed in Bangladesh. After coming to Android Mobile and iOS Mobile in the mobile market, Microsoft mobile had a great loss. There are several reasons, such as this is so complicated to manage a windows phone. As a result, many people were not interested in windows phones. On the other hand, Android and iOS Mobiles are so easy to use. Also, if we talk about mobile apps marketing, Android and iOS are controlling it where the position of the windows phone is far behind. So Microsoft mobiles could not take the place of Android and iOS phones in Bangladesh. Still, there are a few models of Microsoft mobiles. On our site, you can see the series of Microsoft mobiles.

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