Micromax Bangladesh – Micromax Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Micromax Bangladesh - Micromax Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Micromax is a significantly new member of the smartphone organization comparing with many other successful brands in Bangladesh like Nokia or Samsung. Micromax Informatics was founded in the year 2000 as an IT software application business in India. Later in 2008, they began to sell mobile phones. However, although they are quite new in business, they had the ability to win a big market as they were mainly producing cost-effective phones with well-balanced specifications for the low spending plan group. As Bangladesh is a developing nation and the need for Android phones are increasing progressively, they got a pretty quick action from the market.

The Big Challange

In their early years, Micromax was among the most popular telephone company in India. Their 30-day battery backup feature phone Micromax X1i recorded worldwide attention in 2008. This reputation helped them to spread their business successfully in the sub-continent. However, in the recent years, they are dealing with a hard difficulty with Chinese telephone company inside and outside India. Because of the appeal of Chinese phones, Indian government increased the import tax for phones. Very same happened in Bangladesh too. So, business-like Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi are constructing phone factories inside India to cut taxes. Very same can occur in Bangladesh in the near future also.

The Reason Behind the Fall of Micromax

One must offer credit to effective Chinese companies for their extremely excellent specs and extremely economical rates. With the passage of time, the quality got better too. They also have a huge investment in marketing campaigns, research study, and business growth. Because of these, it is getting difficult to take on them for any phone company on the planet. It is the genuine factor for the steady fall of Micromax. Another thing is, in the last number of years, they mainly launched average smartphones without any huge surprise. They had few ingenious and excellent releases. However, the prices and a mix of specs were still not good enough for new consumers. There has not been much progress in improving total hardware quality and style also. These are some legitimate factor in their decreasing appeal. But we still hope that Micromax can provide a great comeback with quality products to win the phone customers of Bangladesh and in the international scene.