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Maxwest Nitro 55M2016, October7,500 BDT
Maxwest Nitro 55 LTE2016, November7,200 BDT
Maxwest Nitro 5M2016, September6,300 BDT
Maxwest Astro 5S2016, July6,200 BDT
Maxwest Astro X552016, January10,500 BDT

Maxwest Mobile

Maxwest Telecom was founded in 2001. Maxwest one of the original GSM cell phone manufacturers in the world. They are committed to providing the world’s best possible products with maximum freedom. With this vision, Maxwest becomes one of the leading distributors of the open market that unlock cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. Maxwest constantly upgrades its technology to offer customers high quality products with cutting edge innovations and ensure the fastest and most powerful products with a stylish look. Maxwest expanded its business worldwide and added new distribution channels to sell its phones and tablets. Besides providing up to date products the brand offers world class customer services so that the customers feel like ever growing Maxwest Family. Maxwest’s first priority is customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services.

Maxwest Mobile IN Bangladesh

Maxwest mobile phone is not so popular in Bangladesh. Actually, most of the Bangladeshi people are unaware of this brand. The brand has introduced a few smartphones in our country. Though Maxwest mobiles have up to date technologies, a stylish look and the price is also reasonable, and they can not become a leading brand. If we look at the prices of Maxwest mobile phones, they are in low budget segments. Nonetheless, in Bangladesh, there is a demand for good end smartphones with a low budget. But for publicity issues, Maxwest might be a prominent brand. There are many brands such as Walton, Symphony which provide hundred of products choice where Maxwest has a few smartphones in the market. On our site, we have some collection of the latest Maxwest smartphones.

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