Maximus Mobile Price In Bangladesh

The smartphone industry is ever growing in Bangladesh. So the mobile business is likewise expanding their business. Maximus is no exception, and they are launching brand-new gadgets with innovative features and elegant design to attract more consumers.
The brand Maximus appears rather brand-new to Bangladeshi market. But this company is not new. It was named as “Siemens Bangladesh” previously. They did excellent service around the year 2005-2006. They had about 7% market share at that time. But then they altered their organization policy and sold their company to the Quartel Infotech Limited. They got the entire share of the business after a quote. After that, they started to produce phones from the year 2009 under the name Maximus. They have actually contributed well in the market and accomplished nearly 10% of the market share by 2010.

The Vision and Mission of Micromax Mobile

Quartel Infotech has a significant vision to make the business larger and make the local brand name into an international brand name. They highlight the adjustment of the sophisticated technology and the simple interface. They care more about the customer fulfillment, so they provide extremely exceptional devices at a more affordable rate. Even they have founded 12 sales centers throughout the nation by 2014. So these have made them extremely close to the consumer.

Maximus Devices:

Maximus manufactures phones in a various cost variety, categories, and specs. They have series like universal phones, full multimedia phones, touch phones, and mobile phones. The price of their smartphones starts from as low as 3,000 Tk as much as 14,000 Tk. So this has actually been really obtainable phones to all classes of people. Depending upon the price, the specs differ a lot also.