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LG Bangladesh - LG Mobile Price in Bangladesh

LG is the short form of “Lucky Goldstar,” but because of their tagline “Life’s excellent,” individuals often error it to be the significance of LG. It is a South Korean company which is extremely well known all over the world for producing remarkable, top quality devices and electronics. It includes TVs, refrigerators, washing, air conditioners and so on. Because of the demand, they have also decided to get into the mobile phone market. Their reputation for producing customer electronic devices settled, and they acquired quick success in the global mobile phone market.

History of the Company

The South Korean multinational business Lucky-GoldStar corporation was named LG in 1995 to get a much better stand in the western market. And in 2009 they got the domain LG.com. The history of the business returns in 1947 when it started to produce commercial plastic items in Seoul. Later on, in 1958, the company began to make family items and customer electronic devices.

The popularity of LG mobile phones

Till mid-2012, LG was the second largest smartphone brands in the United States * (Wikipedia). After this time, Apple can be found in the 2nd position. After one year in mid-2013, LG went down to 5th location. In mid-2017, LG delivered 13.3 million smartphones around the world which made them the seventh most popular mobile phone brand names in the world * (Gadgets now). Above them were Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. The sales of LG mobile phones kept decreasing as Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo were getting a growing number of strong in the worldwide market because of their low prices and fine develop quality.

Some Facts about LG Smartphones

LG introduced some amazing mobile phones over the past few years. LG G Flex was the very first smart device to provide a curvey body and display. The electronic camera of flagship LG phones are of terrific quality, and they are well-able to take on Samsung, Apple, Sony or Nokia electronic cameras. LG collaborated closely with Google in the past. LG Nexus 5 was established together with Google. It is likewise called “Google Nexus 5“. It was the first smartphone to get Android KitKat version. Their present flagship phones are released under the “LG G series.” They mainly manufacture mid-range and exceptional mobile phones and couple of low-mid range smartphones.

LG in Bangladesh

LG surely comes from one of the most reputable smartphone brands in Bangladesh. However, the increasing appeal of Symphony, Walton, Lava, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. brand names placed LG quite behind concerning sales. One reason that LG could not make its place among the most popular brand names is its prices. The production and functional expense of LG is much higher than the brands pointed out above. It is because the headquarter of LG is in Seoul, South Korea where the expense is much higher than in China. LG does use better quality and more expert service than lots of popular brands. But the huge bulk cares a lot more about the cost than little information on quality and professional branding. If LG can think about these facts, they still have a solid chance to produce an excellent quantity of mobile phone sales in Bangladesh.