Huawei vs Xiaomi

I have utilized both Huawei as well as Xiaomi phones. Today I am going to contrast 2 phones from these trademark name and see if I can select for a winner. For the comparison, I am taking Huawei G8 and Xiaomi Redmi 4X.

Huawei G8

Huawei G8 was launched in October 2015. I acquired this phone in February 2016. The price at that time was 400 euro (regarding 40,000 Tk.). It had about 60 Euro discount regarding I can keep in mind. I had the 32 GB ROM as well as 3 GB RAM variation.
Layout and also Present

The first thing I suched as about G8 was its elegant design as well as metal body. I am always keen on the black and also grey shade when it concerns gizmos. This phone additionally had a costs aluminum metal body. It was black on the front side and gray in the backside. I utilized a plastic cover in the back to secure it from dirt, scrapes, and sweats. Although, I think since it was probably not necessary. It had a gorilla glass screen. I used a sheet of clear plastic in the display to include another layer of protection. Two pieces of this protector price 10 euros, and I can simply utilize one over the following two years. Honestly, it had not been needed as well. Yet I was all-satisfied with its expectation. 5.5 ″ display size was just perfect for me. It fitted well in the pocket, and also it fit to keep in hand while calling. The grasp was really ergonomic and dealt with. Its complete HD present quality was outright sophisticated. Absolutely nothing to whine concerning thus far.


I rarely play games on my mobile phone. Yet I checked few HD and routine games on this phone. All of them ran quite smooth without any lag. It sustains the quick 4G LTE network. So, I had outstanding internet browsing experience. The user interface never ever lagged throughout multitasking. The phone never ever hanged in two years. But I took great treatment of the phone and utilized it only when it was called for. On an average, I most likely used the phone for half an hour daily. With this amount of usage, the battery sustained me for regarding 3 days. I was expecting a little higher battery efficiency. However it wasn’t a big deal since G8 included fast battery billing innovation as well as it took less than 2 hrs to bill totally.


Both front and back electronic camera supplied sufficient shots and video quality. Clear as well as brilliant video clip calling and also video recording with front video camera in daytime. Likewise rather great during the evening. Image high quality is brilliant and crisp but not too much deepness, color contrasts and also details as you will see on flagship phones.
Software application, Sensors, and also Others

Currently, this is where I recognized that Huawei is not as advanced as firms like Samsung. I made use of Samsung Galaxy S3. It was not comparable to G8 concerning style as well as efficiency. However its software quality was very excellent, as well as the sensors functioned as you would certainly anticipate them to function. In Huawei G8, you could just set one single alarm system for a day. So, in case you switch off your alarm in the early morning because of super fatigue after that go to bed once again (which happened to me from time to time), you can wind up missing out on the initial a couple of hours of your day, and also the phone will sleep with you. It was quite unanticipated from a costly phone like this. After that the fingerprint sensing unit will certainly not work at all if your finger is just a little perspiring or a little messy. It didn’t benefit me half of the moment. However the greatest problem was the compass sensing unit. I was shed plenty of times because the arrowhead of the compass typically confused my moving instructions in Google Map. I rode or walked in the contrary direction thinking it is the proper way. The compass applications also never functioned properly. It just could not figure out east and also west. The interface Emotion UI was additionally not specifically excellent. So, a big nogo to their software application personalizations and sensor accuracy. After that among the two SIM slots was not functioning appropriately after making use of for regarding a year. I needed to take off my second SIM card and also utilized a solitary SIM for the remainder of the time.

Xiaomi Redmi 4X

I got Redmi 4X specifically after two years in February 2018 when I shed the G8. The expense of Redmi 4X was about 140 Euro (concerning 14,000 Tk.) in Amazon. I examined the cost of Huawei G8 during that time, as well as it was 360 Euro (concerning 36,000 Tk.). I obtained the international version of Redmi 4X with 3 GB RAM and also 32 GB ROM. I inspected the regional shops, and I had to spend at the very least over 250 Euro (concerning 25,000 Tk.) to get a 3 GB RAM phone. So, Xiaomi was an exceptionally cost effective alternative for a person like me that extremely values efficiency.

Layout and Display

It featured a 5-inch display. The specs claimed that it has a Gorilla Glass (undefined variation). But I was not as well certain concerning it due to the fact that some websites as well as individuals were saying it has no Gorilla Glass or a really inefficient. So, I decided to manage it with even more care this time around. I didn’t buy any glass defense or back cover this time around (conserved 20 or even more dollars;). It has simply an HD screen whereas the G8 had a complete HD screen. But I typically don’t watch video clips on the phone, so it is not a big deal for me. HD display works penalty for reading. It additionally comes with a light weight aluminum steel body. The shade of the body is complete black. So, it looks even more elegant. But because of the 5-inch screen size, it is a little smaller sized, as well as the grasp is additionally not as much ergonomic and dealt with as Huawei G8 (a minimum of for me). It is likewise a little lighter in weight. G8 undoubtedly had a much better display as well as style in an overall sense. Yet I in fact suched as the density of Redmi 4X.


I was extremely surprised to see the efficiency of Redmi 4X. Fast, smooth, very receptive. The MIUI is faster than Huawei G8’s Feeling UI. 4G LTE worked as anticipated. The phone was upgraded instantly to Android Nougat as well as MIUI 9 within the very first day. There is definitely nothing to complain about. I also favored the minimal styles of MIUI. But the very best thing was extremely lengthy battery backup. It is offering me greater than dual battery back-up than Huawei G8 and also it additionally comes with a fast charging technology to charge in less than 2 hours.

Video camera

The camera top quality especially the front cam high quality is a little unanticipated in Redmi 4X. The affordable beautify or over-beautify software application runs behind the scene that can’t be switched off. I always like the all-natural appearance even if it looks negative in the electronic camera. So the integrated face smoother or face beauty function is a turn-off for me. The back video camera is better compared to the front video camera and also is nearly just as good as G8’s back camera. However total Huawei G8 gave a better electronic camera experience.

Software, Sensors, and also Others

Think what, the very best point in Redmi 4X is, you can set as several alarm systems as you want for one single day. It is a huge alleviation. The fingerprint sensor is a lot more receptive. Compass looks great so far, SIM tray and slots are working terrific. I couldn’t locate any other mistakes so far. I was surprised by the reality that, exactly how deeply Xiaomi balanced every one of its attributes to offer it at the lowest possible price without endangering performance, material and also software application high quality. They should have some master-class customer experience analysts to come up with such item as well as pricing.

The Winner

I am picking Xiaomi Redmi 4X for its total much better hardware, software program as well as build quality. G8 can be thought about extra exceptional is some situations such as overview, design, display screen and also video camera high quality. Yet the equilibrium and prices of Xiaomi Redmi 4X are unbeatable. Although, I still need to say if front camera is something actually vital to you, far better steer clear of from the Redmi 4X.