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Helio Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Symphony Helio S10Released 2017, June 18,990 BDT
Helio S60Not Available19,500 BDT
Helio S5Not Available13,900 BDT
Helio S22017, March 14,990 BDT

Helio Mobile

Helio is a Bangladeshi brand. Helio mobiles are design, manufacture, and developed by the Edison Group. Edison Group is also the founder of the Symphony Mobile brand. We know that Symphony mobile is reputable for low budget smartphones. After much research, we find that Edison Group has launched the Haier brand to provide high performance smartphones for low to mid-range budget consumers. Creating a separate sector for manufacturing smartphones with the latest technology, it can be a marketing strategy, research outcome, business pattern, or development purposes. Nowadays, administer two mobile brands is a common issue. As an example, we can see Chinese BBK Electronics, which also the holder of two popular mobile brands Oppo and Vivo. Considering customer’s needs, Haier produces smartphones with higher specs and extended features. Helio mobiles are run by the Android operating system.

Helio Mobile in Bangladesh

Helio mobile in Bangladesh was quite well known in earlier. But now, the brand is facing high competitors like Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Huawei as they have some extremely appealing smartphones in the cost range of Helio phones. On the other hand, Helio has only a few models in the market. So Helio lost its popularity gradually. The last mobile Helio S60, which has a notch design released in August 2018. However, Helio mobiles have a unique design, functional specs, and good features. Helio has chances to get back it’s earlier position by producing more innovative smartphones. By the way, the Symphony mobile brand also referral Helio phone models.

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