Pixel 3 XL Review in Bangladesh

Pixel 3 XL Review in Bangladesh, Price Feature and Specifications

Google Pixel 3, as well as the Pixel 3 XL, is one of the best phones you can get. But Google’s still mainly thinking about your information to improve its AI and also the future of Android

Google has always been about information, and also the phones it’s making are no different. Ever since Google launched the initial Pixel phone in October 2016 it has actually always been a somewhat weird recommendation.

Google makes a vast quantity of its money– ₤ 95 billion last year– from advertising. It isn’t a standard hardware producer and also doesn’t have the scale to take on Apple’s Apple iPhone profits. However, it does not require to.

Over the last three years, Google has actually verified it is a business that can construct high-quality phones: the Pixel 3 and also the Pixel 3 XL are the best instances of this yet. (Besides their physical size and also battery both brand-new phones have just the same features). With a 6.3-inch screen, smooth glass back and comfortable feeling, the XL more than strikes over its weight versus the flagship designs from Apple as well as Samsung.

Yet where the latest Pixel attempts to outdo its rivals is an expert system. Google has actually currently shown its AI and also artificial intelligence expertise with the boardgame playing ventures of its DeepMind subsidiary as well as its capacity to roll out the technology widespread. As a result, it makes good sense that the majority of adjustments to the Pixel 3 line-up been available in the type of AI updates.

In exposing the phone, Google placed a lot of concentrate on the cam. Like the preliminary Pixel as well as Pixel 2, the new camera is wonderful. It is conveniently one of the very best mobile phone video cameras offered on any kind of phone.

The camera produces crisp photos with deep ranges of color at any moment of the day. Google has decided that the Pixel only requires one rear cam (12MP). This decision comes with a time when Samsung is putting 4 electronic cameras on the back of tools.

The reason that Google has avoided multiple sensors on the back? It states its AI is good enough to do the task. (It has actually added a 2nd camera, in the form of a wide-angle lens, on the front of the phones). One positive personal privacy point is that unless you submit your photos to Google’s picture solution– if offers free uploads for a restricted duration to Pixel owners– Google does not get data from the images. It does all the machine learning on your phone.

Potentially the most helpful brand-new AI-driven video camera function is the brand-new Night View mode: this makes use of device discovering to sew together a number of HDR pictures that are taken in the darkness to generate one well-lit picture. Nevertheless, it’s not feasible to evaluate this yet as Evening View will be introduced as a software program update in the coming weeks. The cam on the phone is currently excellent at taking shots in reduced light, so the upcoming feature is appealing.

Lens is Google’s other front runner AI camera attribute. Using computer vision Google scans images you have actually taken (or live photos on the camera display) to make recommendations regarding what remains in them. Factor the electronic camera at an Iceland supermarket delivery van as well as Lens recognizes the writing on the side of it and also supplies a link to buy on-line purchasing. The exact same benefit email addresses on calling card, as well as Lens likewise tries to recognize kinds of plants and use product referrals comparable to those that it sees.

In other places in the AI camera features is a setup called Top Shot. After you’ve taken a photo it is feasible to swipe up on the display as well as be offered a selection of alternate choices. The Pixel records a second of video footage before as well as after you press the shutter switch, and in Top Shot gives you different choices. The company says its maker finding out choices pictures that might be better than your real picture. (If you decide to wait for the photo will be saved as a smaller picture dimension). A photobooth setting uses AI to automatically snap pictures when you’re taking a look at the cam and grinning.

The huge issue with numerous of these modes is that they’re mostly surprised and also not clear that they’re for. They work well, however, lie in the camera’s setups. They require to work automatically without customers needing to hunt for them for them to truly be useful. Nevertheless, with time they may make their method into the typical interface: Google Lens when it was first presented with the Pixel 2 was hidden in setups. Now it is plainly beside the image editing button.

A common style

When it comes to the XL’s hardware, there isn’t much wow. The phone is nicely created and easy to use in spite of its relatively large type element. It isn’t most likely to win any kind of honors for creativity or initial idea, yet it’s a fine-looking phone.

The notch on the XL can not be missed out on. Google hasn’t complied with various other phone suppliers that have actually attempted to avoid making notch invasive (for instance, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a relatively slim notch). On the Pixel XL it stumbles virtually a centimeter into the display. The result is if you have a lot of icons or notifications along the top of your tool they obtain divided around the notch. The threshold for might be thought about a lot of isn’t high as well as we’ve seen the split happening after more than 2 notifications from applications.


The Pixel 3 XL has a considerable battery (3,430 mAh) that will last all the time, despite hefty use (as was the case for us). The phone still requires charging overnight or at a workdesk but has a quick charge functionality which can substantially cover its power up over 15 mins. Google has actually also launched a cordless billing mean the phone.

Linked right into Google

As with every one of 2018’s smart phones, the Pixel 3 XL comes with a time when there’s little equipment advancement. The Pixel, Apple’s iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Keep In Mind 9 all have an almost similar form aspect. Place each tool face-up alongside each other as well as the largest distinction will be the dimension of the notch.

Unless Samsung’s folding Galaxy X phone, which is set up to be revealed next month, can overthrow the phone market, it’s not likely there will certainly be any type of large equipment changes in the coming years. This suggests software application will certainly be vital for manufacturers. (Apple’s iPhone XS Max was launched with a large focus on what’s occurring under the glass). The initial creator of Android, Andy Rubin, last year introduced the Essential Phone as a rival. The phone battled to remove yet he is following this up with a software program related AI phone.

Other than the cam, among the greatest draws of the Pixel 3 is the benefit of Google’s solutions. Google tracks almost every little thing you do through its service, with your data aiding to fuel its advertising-heavy service model. But it is dominant in the world of search as well as e-mail. With these systems, Google has produced an environment that many people are likely to develop their online lives around.

Its Android operating system pulls every one of these locations with each other, and also there’s no purer version of Android Pie than the one that works on Google’s own phones. Google issues the most up to date updates to its phones first as well as provides exclusive features. (In the US, Pixel phones can screen incoming calls and reply with an automated chatbot).

Android Pie has had the very same AI-driven treatment– through Adaptive Battery and context-aware app idea– as the Pixel. Because of this, Android Pie provides a peek at the future of AI-focused os. The same can be said for the Pixel 3 XL. Google’s wager is that the future of phones is everything about software, as well as it’s in an ideal position to exploit that.

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