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Feature Phone Price in Bangladesh

There was a time when individuals had phones in their pockets that were only able to make a telephone call and send SMS. If someone was fortunate, they had some stunning polyphonic ringtones on their gadget, which they might pay attention to prior to going to bed at night. Some were fortunate to have FM radio and the legendary snake game too which brought a great deal of excitement. These phones didn’t have any electronic cam, video recording, genuine apps, HD computer game, OTG, GPS, compass, net browsing, Facebooking possibility, talking, and so on. But think it or not, these phones were rather expensive, and most of us were very delighted to hold these sort of phones in hand and walk around fifteen-twenty years back. Although this is the age of cellphones, many people still decide to make use of these type of the old day feature, bar or basic cellphones. There are various aspects behind it.

Why Feature Phones?

Plenty of people still require a phone just to make calls and possibly send some SMS. They do not need all those cool functions on their mobile devices. In particular, numerous from the older generation are not thinking about all the smart gadget buzz going on. Then there is another kind of customer group who prefer to have two various types of phones (one cell phone and one function phone) for two different functions. It can be for example because of security reason. Where there is a possibility of theft, one can bring a low-priced function phone and in safe places, a cellphone. Another thing is that remarkable build quality function phones usually supply prolonged battery backup. Most of the Nokia feature phones prepared examples of it. With extended battery life, one can talk a lot longer without thinking about charging it in every number of hours. Besides Nokia, Symphony function phones are likewise widespread in Bangladesh as the rate is typically rather low and there is various type of style and functions available in these phones. Another need to utilize function phone is, to separate oneself from all the networking dependence, time-wasting apps, the urge for useless gaming, shallow patterns and constant impact from one’s digital surrounding. Hence, living a life of true liberty and a more natural “offline life,” observing nature, contemplating about the right purpose of life, assisting the needy and be more mindful to the home and taking reality obligations.

The Majority Of Popular Feature Phone

There is no doubt that the most popular function phone of all time in Bangladesh is the famous Nokia 1100. Some might still keep in mind the old ringtone and snake game from this phone with extremely impressive construct quality, long battery life, trendy design and the comfortable feeling holding it in hand.