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Feature MobilesReleasePrice in BD
Nokia 150 (2020)2020, May৳ 23,00.00 BDT
Nokia 1252020, May৳ 2,000.00 BDT
LG Folder 22020, April৳ 14,000.00 BDT
Nokia 5310 (2020)2020, March৳ 3,900.00 BDT
Walton Olvio ML192020, February৳ 750.00 BDT
Walton Olvio L272020, February৳ 1,050.00 BDT
Walton Olvio L32020, February৳ 950.00 BDT
Symphony B242020, February৳ 800.00 BDT
Symphony D922020, January৳ 1,050.00 BDT
Symphony B262020, January৳ 790.00 BDT

Feature Phone

Feature phones are a form of early generation phones. It is admitted that feature phones are standard cellphones but not equivalent to a smartphone. It has a button-based input system with a small display. Feature Phones typically offer some functions of smartphones including voice calling, massaging basic multimedia abilities, and browsing the internet. These phones have an LCD screen, a micro USB port, a microphone, a physical keyboard, a back camera, and GPS. It is admitted that feature phones are mid-range devices between basic phones with low end and smartphones with the high end. Feature phones are run by proprietary firmware with third-party software support. Nokia was the first brand that brought features phones commercially in the market and got great attention from the consumers. But after coming Android and iOS-based smartphones in the market, the demand for feature phones gradually decreased.

Features Phones in Bangladesh

Feature Phones gained much popularity from the first generation of mobile phones in Bangladesh. Still, there is a great demand for feature phones. In early times, Nokia 3310, 1100,1110, 3210, 6600, 2600 were some of the best models that were famous in the country. In fact, at that time, every person used to have a Nokia model. Nowadays, a lot of brands are present with quality phones, but Nokia is still a trustworthy name in the feature phones category. Walton, Symphony, Maximus are some popular brands in Bangladesh that provide quality feature phones. However, feature phones are specially designed for lower budget consumers. At a lower price, one can buy a feature phone with multi-functional outlines. Many people choose feature phones as it delivers top-quality, longer battery life, and fulfill the basic needs with safety and security. Also, it is easy to hold.