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Stand-by, Talk-time and Music playback

Stand-by time is the total amount of time that a mobile can be switched on connected to a network idly after the battery is completely charged. Calling or receiving phone calls or any other activity should not be included in this time. This time may differ if the network is poor/not strong enough or if the phone is in a moving car.

Talk-time is the optimum overall quantity of time for calling after the battery is fully charged. For example, if a phone has let’s state 15 hours of talk-time, that means after completely charging the phone you can talk for 15 hours prior to the battery is totally drained pipes.

Music playback time is known as the optimum overall amount of time in which a fully charged phone battery can be used to pay attention to any kind of audio file (using earphone not loudspeaker). Phone functionality is expected to be remained ended during this period (or in Flight Mode).

Lithium ion Battery

Lithium Ion battery (Li-Ion/ LIB) is a much better efficiency rechargeable battery where Lithium Ions moved from unfavorable to the favorable electrode during discharging period. It has much better Energy Density, low Memory Effect, and less Charge loss. It is long lasting and better life-span than other rechargeable batteries like Ni-Cd and Ni-MH those who have Memory Effects.

Lithium polymer (Li-Po) battery

It is a little bit innovative kind of Lithium Ion Battery. Charge capability is nearly exact same compared to the Li-Ion and the discharging rate is likewise similar. The primary difference is Its Lighter weight, range and smaller size and bit much better life-span of the battery.



Megapixel is the short form of One Million Pixel (1000000 pixels). Pixel is the Unit of an image file; a single dot (with existing image details). A Megapixel image can be in any shape. It is really counted from multiplying Image’s Width (horizontal) and Height (vertical) (e.g. 1000 x 1000, 1200 x 834 etc). More Megapixel methods larger size and more in-depth image.

Camera Pixel

Video camera Pixel or, Camera Resolution is the maximum image size that can be captured by a video camera. It is counted as the same way the Megapixel counted (discussed above). Greater the Camera resolution betters the picture detail, more ability to show visual information.


Automobile Focus is a digital camera feature that enables the video camera to change its lens focus for in front object/object’s range. When we hold an autofocus video camera to catch an object’s image, we don’t know the distance in between camera lens and the object. So, we cannot match it with electronic camera’s focal length. For that reason, the image loses its sharpness. Generally, it happens in all the repaired focus video cameras. But, an Auto Focus video camera can change its focal length inning in accordance with the range between camera lens and item. It is very much value when we catch a Macro Image (Images in the extremely brief distance) or, capturing some texts from a paper or books.

What are LED Flash and Xenon Flash

Cam flash is always necessary for imaging in low light or catching in dark locations. Two types of flashes are discovered in phone video cameras. They are, LED Flash and Xenon Flash.

LED Flashes are flashes made of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. A bulk of the camera phones uses it. It is less power consuming and flash power is relatively lower than Xenon Flash. But, now a day, market’s leading Smartphone’s LED flashes have been improved a lot. LED Flashes can be utilized as video light (lighting while recording video).

Xenon Flashes are extremely extreme full-spectrum intense flashes and it is much effective than the LED flashes discovered on the majority of the smartphones. The condenser of the Xenon flash needs a charge up time after every shot and sometimes needs an auxiliary power supply. The period of the flash is really short therefore cannot be used as video light. The power of the Xenon Flash depends upon the condenser size that utilized to charge it up.

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