With the launch of the 4G Internet service a few days ago, the advent of 5G networks will bring a new twist to the success of the system. Those who use 3G or 4G will more be satisfied with using 5G. Because the speed of the 5G networks will 10 to 100 times higher than the 4G networks.

What does 5G mean?

5G means the fifth generation internet of mobile phones. And to summarize, the name is given by 5G. 5G can upload data at a fast rate, download, and exchange it.

That is, we can do the things we do with smartphones very fast and accurately through 5G networks.

What are the benefits of using 5G?

Smartphone users will get many benefits through 5G networks. Its users can quickly and cleanly watch the video without any interruption. Moreover, you can make video calls without the hassle of disconnecting the internet connection, because the internet speed will become more active by 5G.

Many believe emergency medical messages can be sent via 5G, to drive uncrewed vehicles, and assist in fire fighting. Traffic information will also be available and can signal body-fitting fitness devices.

5G is similar to 4G or not:

5G is an entirely new radio technology. So it goes without saying that the 5G is altogether different from the 4G. Wherever the 4G antenna radiates the wave, the 5G will only waves to your handheld mobile phone.

The current 4G can offer a maximum speed of 45 Mbps. However, it can expect that 1 GB per second speed will provide on this 4G networks. There, the 5G will give 10 to 20 times more than that of 4G. That is, it takes 4 to 5 minutes to download a movie through the 4G networks, there the movie can download via 5G in a minute. So that is how fast 5G will solve work faster and in less time.

Five-G is what we need?

Speaking of need, of course, it is necessary. Where we are getting so much benefit from mobile phones, if we are interrupted to take advantage, then our mood is lost. Existing networks often have troubles such as downloading a movie or video, taking too long, or losing connection. Or speaking in the video call, the line repeated cut off.

However, you certainly get rid of these problems using 5G. 5G network have much faster speeds than the current system, so you can easily do things on your smartphone without the hassle of slowing down.

Are there any disadvantages to the 5G network?

There are some disadvantages due to the short wavelength. An interrupt can be interrupted, and the network may become idle during the rain.

5G network turned on:

Other cities, including Chicago, New York, Alaska, California, USA, are ranked, and some cities in the UK, Australia, and Canada combined, with the 5G network ranked in about 17 countries.

Technology analysts say that more than 60 countries will able to take advantage of Five-G by the end of 2020.