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Energizer Mobile price in Bangladesh

Energizer Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Energizer Ultimate U710S2020, February 17৳ 0.00 BDT
Energizer Ultimate U570SJanuary, 2019৳ 11,990.00 BDT
Energizer Hardcase H570S2019, February৳ 8,600 BDT
Energizer Hardcase H591SFebruary, 2019৳ 15,300 BDT
Energizer Ultimate U630S Pop2019, January৳ 14,400 BDT
Energizer Power Max P490SExp. release 2018, July৳ 12,700 BDT
Energizer Hardcase H500SReleased 2018, February৳ 22,000 BDT
Energizer Energy E500Released 2018, August৳ 6,750 BDT
Energizer Energy E500SReleased 2018, August৳ 9,700 BDT

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Energizer Mobile in Bangladesh

Avenir Telecom designs and distributes Energizer mobiles in France and licensed under the Energizer. Energizer is an American manufacturer and the headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Energizer is a leading brand in the world as a dynamic manufacturer that provides power solutions with a full portfolio of commodities. Energizer produces durable, high-performance smartphones that match the customer’s expectations. Through the expansion of distribution networks, the brand is distributed its products in over 55 countries.

Energizer produces smartphones combining durable materials, and the latest technologies to make the phone long lasting. Energizer mobiles are famous in the world for its long-lasting battery life. The phone’s battery ensures hours of uninterrupted use. Along with the long-lasting battery, Energizer mobile has a range of incredible features and high-quality materials. This is the only brand that offers a determined range of Lifetime Warranty accessories.

The number of Energizer mobiles are very limited in Bangladesh. The brand can not rank in the Bangladesh smartphone market. Most people even don’t know the brand as it has publicity issues. Besides, the price of the Energizer mobile in Bangladesh is a little bit higher than other phones with the same features. Low budget customers might have issues with buying them. The phone’s weight is also a bit heavy. On the other hand, it is noticeable that Energizer Mobiles offer a high performance battery. The Energizer Power Max P8100S has a 10,000 mAh battery. Who wants a durable battery life and has budget Energizer mobile is perfect for them.