Mobileprice-bangladesh.com reveals the prices after doing proper marketing research in Bangladesh. For the majority of the brands, we reveal display room prices. But some brands do not have any showroom in Bangladesh e.g. Xiaomi, Motorola, BlackBerry etc. For these brand names we reveal cost from popular local merchant shops. Nevertheless, the cost might differ from dealerships to dealers and price might decrease over time. We try to upgrade the prices a minimum of two times on a monthly basis and try to reveal the most budget-friendly rate from licensed dealerships. We do not guarantee that you can find the devices with specific very same cost in a shop or shopping center in your existing location of residence.

We likewise do not guarantee that the specifications are 100% accurate. Most of the specifications were collected from the main site of each brand names or relied on sources on the internet. Nevertheless, there is constantly a possibility of making small errors while manual information entry. If you see any, you can mail us at info(at)mobileprice-bangladesh(dot)com.