Did you Use A BlackBerry Android Phone?

BlackBerry could not be the coolest brand on earth, but its command of Android is extremely remarkable

I have actually constantly been a follower of BlackBerry. I such as the method it does hardware, its concentrate on safety and security, and its attention to detail.

Yes, the company seriously missed out on a step throughout 2010-2012, underestimating the increase of Android and also iOS, but it did end up developing the criminally under-used BB10 and this, in addition to a few other selection events, lead to it using Android.

I predominately use Android phones, so when word went out concerning BlackBerry changing to Android, I was seriously pumped. Sadly, the very first mobiles out the door weren’t specifically excellent.

Points have boosted of late, though; the KeyONE and also Activity are both outstanding tools, tools that actually do be worthy of a review because they not just supply something a little different in regards to design but likewise due to just exactly how great BlackBerry’s command of Android is.

All BlackBerry Android phones run Android in supply setup. All BlackBerry phones feature a variety of BB10’s USPs, like the BlackBerry Center, which is terrific for organizing your notices, social media networks, as well as e-mail life in one location.

The camera on the BlackBerry KeyONE was additionally superb; it sort of blew me away when I evaluated it, as I expected it to be rubbish due to the fact that, well … BlackBerry isn’t understood for its imaging prowess.

Primarily, however, I just enjoy just how BlackBerry is regularly working away on Android to make it more protected, less complicated to make use of, more useful. Nothing else phone maker is doing anything like this. As well as while BlackBerry is still quite on the cusp of termination, at the very least it is still attempting to innovate.

So, yeah … ensure you factor them right into your mind next time you’re thinking of getting a brand-new phone, ‘cos they ain’t dead yet!

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