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Coolpad Mobile in Bangladesh

Coolpad Group Limited was established in 1993 in China. This company is also known as China Wireless Technologies Limited. The headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Coolpad company is one of the largest smartphone company in China. In 2003, Coolpad was ranked 6th largest global manufacturer by TrenForce. They produce 34 million smartphones in a year. They have experienced the R&D team for designing the next generation of smartphones. Coolpad believes that smartphones are such a medium to give customers the ability to customize their personalities and ensures a unique experience. So the brand design and manufacture high tech products so that people can enjoy a premium experience. The brand made the first smartphone based on CDMA 1X and also has a handwriting input feature. Coolpad invented the world’s first phone with a dual sim slot that can operate together both GSM and CDMA mobile networks. For the invention, Coolpad gets awarded the Top Science And Technology Award in China.

Coolpad mobiles are marketing for many years in Bangladesh. But the brand is not as popular as Samsung, Oppo, Symphony, Vivo. Though Coolpad mobiles offer high performance with impressive features, and the price is also reasonable, the brand can not be the leading brand. The number of Coolpad smartphones is also limited in the Bangladesh market. Also, in online shopping Coolpad smartphones are not available for Bangladeshi customers. Moreover, Coolpad brand’s sole focus is researching, designing and developing smartphones that fit your needs. The brand always comes with a unique and elegant smartphone at affordable prices so that every family can connect together and enjoy a beautiful experience. In 2020, the brand launched Coolpad Legacy 5G with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

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