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BQ Mobile in Bangladesh

BQ is a Spanish manufacturer of electronic devices like Smartphones, Tablets, e-readers, and 3D printers. The headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Their aim is to make all devices eco-friendly that support European manufacturing. BQ’s Aquaris A4.5 is the first AndroidOne mobile phone in Europe and is known as a notable product. Considering consumers need the brand creates smartphones with new technology. They admitted that technology breaks the barriers to make impossible things possible. So they always come with new products. BQ main mission is to help people to understand the technology and inspire them to use it and continuously engaged to develop products. Recently, BQ brand did a partnership with Vingroup.

BQ is well known in America, North America, European countries, but in Bangladesh, the position is quite low. Although having great features and excellent performance, they don’t grab the position of the leading brand. It’s noticeable that most of the Bangladeshi people are not familiar with the BQ mobile, and this might be a substantial reason behind for low status. BQ’s mobile has the ability to rank. If the brand can do more publicity, it can be a leading brand in Bangladesh. Moreover, BQ mobile has Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, excellent connectivity, impressive security, and high pixel cameras. Recently BQ brand has launched its new mobile Aquaris C with the latest technology, and it can be a great come back for the brand in Bangladesh.

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