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BLU Mobile price list at a glance

BLU G50 Mega2020, November৳ 2,000.00 BDT
BLU G50 Plus2020, September 22৳ 10,000.00 BDT
BLU Studio X102020, August 05৳ 5,000.00 BDT
BLU G902020, June 24৳ 13,500.00 BDT
BLU Studio X9 HD2020, March 25৳ 4,500.00 BDT
BLU Vivo Go2018, December৳ 6,800 BDT
BLU Vivo XI2018, September৳ 19,200 BDT
BLU C6LAvailable. Released 2019, January৳ 7,680 BDT
BLU C5LAvailable. Released 2019, February৳ 6,720 BDT

BLU Mobile in Bangladesh

BLU Products is founded in 1995 in America and the headquarters in Miami. In 2010 they launched their own brand BLU. At first, BLU products were manufactured, targeting the Latin population. In 2009, BLU sold 70,000 units and became the first leading brand in Latin America. With thousands of dealers, BLU was sold its products throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. With the help of Hong Kong Distributor, BLU started to sell their products all over the world. BLU is the finder of prepaid and no-contract advancement and offers the customer to choose a better network provider.

BLU designs and manufactures mobile phone with high-quality materials and new technology that fulfill the needs of everyday life. Their main target is to provide cutting-edge smartphone in a reusable price so that every person can afford it and enjoy the era of technology. They always try to expand their portfolio adding new products to compete with the other well known brand. The Gionee smartphone rebadged under the BLU brand name.

BLU mobile entered in Bangladesh mobile market a few years ago. This brand couldn’t become a well-known brand in Bangladesh. If we evaluate the features, they are competent to attain your demands and provide high performance. It is noticeable that the features are similar to other Chinese Android phones like Symphony and Micromax. Even BLU mobile quality is better than Chinese mobile. The price is also affordable. For lower budget people they can buy it and enjoy new experiences.