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BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS is known as a proprietary mobile operating system which is developed by BlackBerry Limited. This OS is specially designed for the BlackBerry line of smartphones. Using this OS, the user can multitask on their mobile. In January 1999, the first BlackBerry OS was made for BlackBerry 850. Then they developed their OS to make it more effective. At that time BlackBerry mobile was famous for its impressive functions. But after coming to Android and Apple in the market, BlackBerry OS became static. But, BlackBerry didn’t lose hope; they released BlackBerry OS 10 in September 2010. But it didn’t bring any benefits as Android and Apple provide thousands of apps and more useful features. BlackBerry tried their best to survive, but they could not make it.

It has been said that BlackBerry is officially dead. Yet, BlackBerry claims that millions of people are using BlackBerry OS 10. This new version will continue until the end of 2020. In Bangladesh, BlackBerry is the name of the brand that could not compete with Android. Nowadays, there is hardly a BlackBerry mobile with BlackBerry OS. In the present, their existence is very insignificant. On our site, we have a few models which are based on BlackBerry OS. You can check the price and features from this page.

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