Screen Protector For Mobile Phone

Although smartphones usually offer Gorilla glass or Dragon-trail glass protection in advance. We think the screen protector should be fitted to smartphones separately. Because mobile companies guarantee that the glass protection provided to them is scratch-resistant but does not guarantee scratch-proof, this means that this glass protection protects the screen from scratch on the mobile, but it is not that the scratch on the skin will never.

What does the screen protector mean?

Although a skin protector, it is usually polyurethane or laminated glass that attaches to a device and protects that device from damage. The screen protector used to care for the screen of the smartphone so that the screen protected from skin damage or any other damage.

Laminated tempered glass or thermoplastic polyethylene or polyethylene terephthalate plastic is a material of screen protector.

Is it necessary to use a skin protector?

Of course, it is imperative to use a screen protector. If you think, your phone has a screen protector, so it’s not fair to use a screen protector, but that’s not right, as I’ve said before, this glass protector is not scratch proof.
If you are not using a screen protector, you must change this protector when the sketch is on your mobile screen. If you change now, this portable protector will cost you according to the price of your mobile. Now, if your phone is worth Tk 5000, this new protector will require 2 to 3 thousand Tk, and if you have a phone worth Tk 50,000, then it will cost around 20 thousand Tk. In this case, we think it is better to buy a screen protector of Tk 200-300. However, now you have your thoughts.

What kind of screen protector should I use?

Many people are hesitant about picking up the protector. Do not understand the use of tempered glass protectors or ordinary plastic. However, our recommendation is to use a plastic protector because of the smooth scratch of the tempered glass protector. And its hardness around 6.50 to 7. Again, the price of the tempered projector is 5 to 6 times higher than the plastic protector. After a few months, since the protector will change back, there is no reason to buy at such a price.

Also, tempered glass protectors cannot be used on smartphones turning curves. And with the use of this protector, the phone’s screen thickens up, and the touchscreen doesn’t get all the fun.

However, you will not have these problems with the use of plastic protectors. And the price of this protector is low, so after a few months, you will not have much trouble changing it.


From the above discussion, it understood that screen protector is essential for our smartphone. The use of screen protectors will protect our beloved mobile screen from various types of scratch or damage.
Now whether you use a protector or what type of projector you use is entirely your own.