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Archos Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Archos Core 62SNot Available9,600 BDT
Archos Diamond2019, February27,990 BDT
Archos Oxygen 68 XLMay, 2019 13,443 BDT
Archos Oxygen 57May, 2019 11,500 BDT
Archos Oxygen 63May, 2019 15,300 BDT
Archos Core 55PSeptember, 2017 10,500 BDT
Archos Core 50September, 201713,990 BDT
Archos 50 Access 4GSeptember, 2017 11,700 BDT
Archos 45 Access 4G2017, September 9,500 BDT
Archos 50 Access ColorFeb, 2018 6,500 BDT
Archos Sense 47xSeptembe, 2017 11,500 BDT
Archos Core 50PAugust, 2017 11,500 BDT
Archos Core 55sFebruary, 2018 6,331 BDT
Archos Core 55s UltraNovember, 201810,800 BDT
Archos Access 57August, 2018 8,500 BDT
Archos Core 60sFebruary, 20189,500 BDT
Archos 55 GraphiteExp. release 2017, June15,200 BDT
Archos Diamond Alpha +2017, August35,500 BDT
Archos Saphir 50X2018, April18,300 BDT

Archos is a French multinational electronic devices company that was developed in 1988 by Henri Crohas. Archos makes tablets, mobile phones, portable media gamers as well as portable information storage devices. The name is an anagram of Crohas’ surname, as well as it is additionally Greek for “master”. The firm’s slogan has actually been updated from “Believe Smaller” to “On The Go” and the existing “Enjoyment your way”.

Archos has actually developed a variety of items, consisting of digital sound gamers, mobile video gamers (PVP), digital video clip recorders, a personal digital assistant, netbooks, a lot more lately tablet computer systems using Google Android and Microsoft Windows (tablet PCs), and smartphones.

Same happens with Archos like the Allview mobile. It’s cannot be a popular brand in Bangladesh. Though the Product quality is quite good. Archos Diamond Alpha + and Archos Diamond Omega is the top phone of Archos available in Bangladesh. But no company can catch it’s market in a country with few smart phone. If we look other mobile company like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Huawei, They have hundreds of Mobile Phone Products available in Bangladesh.

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