iPhone in Bangladesh 2020

Apple iOS Mobile Price in Bangladesh

The Apple iOS

Apple iOS Mobile operating system is developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for Apple devices hardware. iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple watch are run under Apple iOS. After Android, this is the second popular mobile operating system in the world. In January 2007, the first Apple iPhone was released. The iOS App Store was released in July 2008 with 500 applications, and by the year 2020, the App Store reached 5 million apps that were announced by the App intelligence firm Sensor Tower. Apple iOS-based iPhone is famous worldwide for its high-quality smartphones with premium performance. Every person kept a desire to have an iPhone for its amazing software applications. It features a multi-touch screen. Apple iOS is different from other operating systems because their apps are secure to use, and it is impossible to hack with a virus.

The price of Apple iPhones in Bangladesh is quite high. Being a costly phone, most of the people in Bangladesh can’t afford it. So it is less selling phones than Android in Bangladesh. So their market share is also down. Nonetheless, Apple’s iPhone is famous for its excellent function. The last version is iOS 13, which was launched in September 2019. This is available for iPhone 6s and later. By upgrading iOS, the older generation iPhones remain stable and secure in the current time. So the consumers can use the older version for an extended period with new facilities and services.

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