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The History of Android Mobile

The android operating system is powered by Linux kernel, and the commercial marketer is Google. Android OS is used in touchscreen smartphones, tablets, and Smartwatches. The first commercial Android smartphone was launched in September 2008. In just one year Android phones took the lead in the market. Since 2011, Android smartphones are the best selling phones in the world. Also, this is the largest installed base of operating systems worldwide as of 2020. Android phones are popular for their innovative apps, and also users can use these apps for free and can sign up with just an email. There are over 2.9 million apps in the Google play store. To keep pace with time, Android constantly upgraded their version and made it more simple and easy to operate for the users.

Android mobile in Bangladesh

The first Android-based smartphone was launched in 2012, and the series was Q4 with a 3G network. In a short period, Android phones became famous, although the presence of iOS and BlackBerry OS. After seeing the success of Android, many Bangladeshi companies like Walton, Symphony, Tecno, etc. also started to manufacture android phones. Till April 2019, Android held 96.69% market share of the mobile operating system in Bangladesh. So it is clear that Android phones are in the top position.