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Allview Mobile in Bangladesh

Allview is a Romanian company with one decade of experience in the production and distribution of various digital products, Twin SIM phones, tablet computers and note pads. The Allview brand is identified as one of fast expanding in Romania thanks to the totally free solutions as well as centers attached to its items.

If we look at the Price Range of the mobile, we can see that the price range fo this phone is quite higher compering the other top brands of Bangladesh, Like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. This phone price in Bangladesh is much higher than these leading brands. When some thing cost us higher, we commonly thinks that it will be good as a product. Same for Allview, It’s a Good Romanian Brand.

May be it’s the Marketing Strategy, That’s why Allview cannot make or create his space in Market Place. Where Google Pixel Phone and iPhone doing a great business in spite of it’s Giant Pricing. So Product quality and Price is not all the things, Sometimes products marketing carries a great value in your reputation.

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