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Here we have actually listed all cellphone brands in our database. Click on any trademark name to see their phone designs and prices by most current release. We have aimed to arrange the brands by popularity. However, the appeal might alter from time to time. Therefore, it should not be taken in a precise sense. We likewise try to change the series once in a while based on our most recent data.

Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh

Smartphone started to become popular in Bangladesh in late 90’s. The first phones were way large compared with any phone these days. There was an antenna on top of the phone, and they used to be rather frustrating to bring because of their weight. These were technically called “brick phones.” There were simply 2 things you could do with a phone. Make a call and send out text. However they were quite costly, and it was rather prestigious to own such a basic cellphone at that time. These phones are not offered anymore on the marketplace.

Android Smartphones

Nevertheless, at the end of 2008, the first UI Android phone was released by HTC called HTC Dream. Within just one year of its launch, Android began to alter the market entirely with its innovative apps and through the number of possibilities these apps were providing. iPhones were also making its location among the rather more wealthy class. However, since iPhones have actually constantly been costly, fewer individuals could manage it. Since then, it has actually been simply Android particularly in developing nations like Bangladesh. Since 2018, Android has over 80% global market share. See the current Android mobile rate in Bangladesh.

Feature Phones

Then at the start of the 20th century came the rather smarter so-called “bar phones” or “feature phones.” These phones had good polyphonic ringtones, FM radio, 3.5 mm jack, snake game, Bluetooth and some of them likewise had a low-quality back camera. Function phones gained rapid appeal among the financially low-middle class to abundant class people of Bangladesh. The entry-level function phones were a little cheaper than the very first generation cell phones in Bangladesh, and it provided much more functions. It is because by that time the innovation was advancing quicker, the market was growing, and brand-new brands were bringing more competitors. Although, Nokia dominated the market alone at that time. Phones like Nokia 3310, 1100,1110, 3210, 6600, 2600 rocked the local along with the worldwide scene. Now there are a lot more brands competing in the function phone classification. Here you may discover the most recent feature phone price in Bangladesh.

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In Mid 20th century, the first generation smart devices appeared in the market. Nokia kept its controlling place with the N series mobile phones. BlackBerry was another respectable name in the first-generation mobile phone years. There were still no touchscreen, apps, and so on and you couldn’t do a lot of things with them. However you could currently access the internet, and these phones were cool looking. Here you will find smartphone rate in Bangladesh by latest release.

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