Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2021

Top Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Mobile ModelsReleasing DatePrice in BD
Vivo X60 5G2020, December 29৳ 45,000.00 BDT
Xiaomi Mi 112020, December 28৳ 68,990.00 BDT
Huawei Enjoy 20 SE2020, December 23৳ 17,990.00 BDT
Huawei nova 8 Pro 5G2020, December 23৳ 53,990.00 BDT
Nokia 5.42020, December 15৳ 24,990.00 BDT
Oppo A53 5G2020, December 18৳ 18,990.00 BDT
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power2020, December 17৳ 14,000.00 BDT
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max2020, October 13৳ 140,000.00 BDT
Huawei nova 8 SE2020, November 06৳ 35,000.00 BDT
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 5G2020, November 26৳ 20,000.00 BDT

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Mobile Phone in Bangladesh

The mobile phone is like a blessing to us because of enriching our communication system and updating our lifestyle. Actually, it is the most wonderful invention of modern science. Mobile phone in Bangladesh is a silent revolution and we are blessed to take part in this. In 1990, Bangladesh came to know about mobile phones thanks to the City Cell brand who commercially launched the first mobile. In 1997, Grameen Telecom offered low call rates so that people of every class can enhance telecommunication. Over time, people are more engaging with mobile phones and now, we can achieve the fastest network. The Bangladesh telecommunication system is able to cover the outlying areas in this network system.


At the early stage of the 21st-century people were only familiar with feature phones. As you know, these phones only servers the basic need but people used them for affordability. In the mid 20th century, the first smartphone was introduced by Nokia and their N series is the most popular model. BlackBerry also the well-known name for the first stage smartphones. Still, there wasn’t any touchscreen and a few can access the internet. When Symphony entered the market and launched the first smartphone with a touchscreen, people started to know the smartphones. Smartphones in Bangladesh got a boast when the 3G network arrived in 2012. Now, the 5G network is coming about and the smartphone experience will be more enhanced.

Feature Phones in Bangladesh

Feature phones are also called brick phones, buttons phones, or bar phones. These phones come with simple functions like calling, messaging, capturing low-quality photos, FM radio, etc. people used these phones in the early stage, and it achieved huge popularity in Bangladesh. After City Cell, Nokia was the most respectable name because of its durable quality. At present, features phones are popular among them who can’t afford a smartphone. Besides, the common people use it because it is super easy to use. 

Android Smartphones

From the beginning of the smartphone journey, Android smartphones take the lead in the mobile phone market. HTC launched the first Android smartphone in Bangladesh. Though the Apple iPhones and BlackBerry smartphones were also present, Android smartphones are the most selling devices. Android smartphones wrap up innovative as well as useful apps in the Play Store and facile operating system. Bangladeshi phone maker Symphony is the first brand that released the ‘Bangladesh-made’ Android smartphone at a lower price. Moreover, most people in this country prefer Android smartphones rather than any other devices.

Other Gadgets

Besides smartphones, there are many smart gadgets in the market to amplify our experience. We are talking about the smartwatch that is the most admiring device at present days. Smartwatch is like a mini-smartphone because it features most of the functions of smartphones. Especially, people utilize smartwatches for receiving calls, messages, listening to music as well as monitoring health. Considering the Bangladeshi market, many brands are trying to provide at affordable prices and making it available for everyone.

Tablet is a hybrid gadget combining the functions of smartphones and PC. This gadget is now being a prominent device for multiple usages of it. Usually, the tablet contains a bigger touchscreen with hendable weight. Readers, gamers, office employers, and designers prefer tablets more than smartphones or PCs. It has notable usage for multimedia like watching movies, videos, and so on. The price of tablets in Bangladesh is very reasonable, and people wildly employ them for numerous purposes.

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