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Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh

Mobile phones changed into Smartphones in 90 Century in Bangladesh. In those days Black & white screen mobile phones were available which did not look good and were very heavy in weight. Those phones were having an antenna on top that’s why it was not possible to put them in a pocket. Normal phones were used for only calling and text messaging and such phones often needed to transmit at higher powers to maintain a clear connection. Because of the lack of technology and high prices of production, mobile price in Bangladesh was very high. Most of the people were unable to afford a mobile phone in Bangladesh. But at present Smartphone prices in Bangladesh are very reasonable and smartphones are an integral part of the life of people of Bangladesh.

Other Gadgets

Apart from smartphones, there are more advanced gadgets available in the market. Smartwatches are also becoming one of the favorite gadgets of common people. Smartwatches are available for both Android and iOS phones. Smartwatches have a lot of features like calling, SMS, music & other tracking features which makes it worthy of its cost.

Tablets came into existence because of the rising demand for larger screens. Reading lovers also prefer to buy a tab instead of mobile phones, because of the ease of reading on a bigger screen. Tabs are not limited to book lovers only, even people who are fond of watching movies also tend to buy a Tablet. But Tabs are not limited to be used for playing media only, they have many more features like calling, internet browsing, etc.

Feature Phones in BD (Bangladesh)

Later In the 20th Century, newly invented the phone called ‘feature and the Bar phone’ entered into the market. The feature phone was loaded with great functions like superior ringtones, FM radio, games, Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5 mm jack, VGA cameras, blue and green colored light at the background, etc.

Such phones brought joy in people’s life and companies set a good price so that middle-class people can buy these gadgets in Bangladesh. The cheap price of these phones made it easy to buy for every mediocre person in Bangladesh. These phones were providing great functions, as compared to the previous phones. Because of such features, their market was growing and brand new companies were bringing more mobile models into the market. At that time NOKIA was the only superstar among all the companies, phones like Nokia 3310, 1100,1110, 3210, 6600, 2600 grabbed the attention of the locals as well as worldwide generations. Here at, you may discover the most recent feature phone price in Bangladesh.

Android Smartphones

Android is the popular operating system used in smartphones. Developed by Google Android is a freeware OS used by all major smartphone manufacturers. Android smartphones have beaten the famous brand Apple’s iOS loaded smartphones. Android phones are less expansive, even a common person from middle class can easily afford them. As compared to iOS loaded iPhone, smartphones with android installed are more flexible and have a lot of salient features. In Bangladesh, most of the people prefer to buy an Android smartphone rather than iOS enabled iPhone or any other smartphone with another operating system.


Smartphones are playing a vital role in our daily life. Up to some level nowadays the efficiency and accuracy of our work depend upon smartphones we use. At first, smartphones come into existence in the mid 20th century. But in such short time span smartphones evolved with very fast speed, as you can see at present smartphones are way much efficient. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are two major operating systems used widely in smartphones. Android is a freeware operating system and most used OS in smartphones. Smartphones are very fast in processing, having a large amount of storage capacity and 4G enabled for faster internet browsing speed.

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